Knowing the level of quality that goes into a supplement should never be a worry you have to go through.  Nutretics supplements are formulated by industry-best nutrition experts, medical researchers, and pharmacists, and they’re manufactured in a state of the art facility right here in the United States.

The facility features 120,000 square feet of production capabilities that include a quality inspection lab used to ensure that the nutrients going into our supplements are pure, a micro analysis lab used for testing each individual nutrient before going into a formula, a sample lab for testing new formulations, a state of the art blending and encapsulation lab and more!


  • FDA Approved Facility
  • CGMP Certified
  • UL/NPA Certified


According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition, over 170 million Americans, roughly 70%, take dietary supplements or nutraceuticals on a daily basis.  The problem is, most of those people don’t understand that not all nutrients are created equal and in many cases, the nutrients they’re consuming are sub-par at best.

At Nutretics, we only use top quality ingredients that come from the world’s best suppliers with each nutrient being tested in the lab for purity and effectiveness before being added to our supplements.  Forget cheap low-quality pills and powders because you can rely on the quality of our supplements every time.


Here at Nutretics we use expert formulators who are more driven by science than they are by making a profit.  Our product development team is comprised of nutrition researchers, medical researchers, pharmacists and other industry experts who share the same passion for bringing high-quality products to the people who need them most.

We leverage large amounts of data, clinical research and past clinical studies with high-quality nutrients to produce all-natural formulas that actually work.

Combine the science behind our formulas with the passion our entire team shares for improving the health of average, everyday people, and you’ve got a company that won’t let you down.  In fact, we’re so proud of our products, we give you a literal, risk-free 90 days to get a refund should not get the results you’re looking for!